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Starter Entomology Kit – Butterflies




Great starter entomology kit. You’ll get everything you need to relax your very own butterflies. A great start for a budding entomologist or insect enthusiast! Excellent Christmas present and I don’t think anyone else does these in NZ.

This is a bit of a delicate process so the minimum age would be 12+.

Younger kids can definitely have a go, just be careful with the pins as they are sharp. And remember to go slowly as the butterfly wings are very delicate.

Included in this kit:
1 x Fine-tipped tweezers
1 x Spreading board
6 x Strips of paper
10 x Butterfly specimens
40 x Pins
1 x Instructions on how to rehydrate and spread the specimens + links to videos that we recommend

The butterflies included in this kit are:
2 x Catopsilia Pomona / Lemon Emigrant
2 x Common Yellow with two spots (could be a Pieris or Appias variety)
2 x Euploea sp. / Crow Butterfly of some variety
1 x Appias Nero / Orange Albatross
1 x Graphium Agamemnon / Tailed Jay
1 x Graphium Sarpedon / Common Bluebottle
1 x Cethosia Biblis / Red Lacewing

The duplicated butterflies come from Thailand, and the rest are from the Philippines. You can have a go with the double ups to get a feel for technique, then pin the rest having some experience. You can see the butterflies included in the photos. More are available in my other listings.

Not included in this kit is a rehydration box. Any container + some moist paper towels can be used for this. Or you can rehydrate them in a damp t-shirt. There is also no sterilisation agent to prevent mould during rehydration. Lysol or similar can be used (Ethanol/hydrogen peroxide mixture).


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